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Storify: Curating Stories with Social Media. By Cindy Royal, Texas State University

Objectives Learn the history and background of swiss replica watches Storify Understand why you should use Storify Understand how to create a Storify View examples of Storify used for a live event Develop an assignment using Storify

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Crowdsourcing U.S. Election Day: Using Facebook as a Platform for Collaborative Reporting. By Karen M. Turner and Susan Jacobson, Temple University

Objectives The goals of this activity are: to have students experiment with swiss breitling using their mobile phones as reporting devices to have students use the assignment Facebook group to post their election status updates from the field as a

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Introducing Students to Interactive Graphics. By Deborah Potter, NewsLab

Objectives Graphics are a great way to make data more understandable, by showing patterns and making comparisons. Graphics in print or TV news stories are more informative when they use shapes, not just words or numbers, because the replica watches

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The Obama “Hope” Poster: A Case Study in Copyright and Fair Use. By Mark Berkey-Gerard, Rowan University

Objectives This lesson uses the iconic Obama “Hope” campaign poster and lawsuits between the visual artist Shepard Fairey and the Associated Press to explore the definitions of copyright and fair use. In 2009, Fairey sued the AP arguing that his

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